A Song For Each Day

A project: a song of the day, every day, for a year. And of course, behind every song, there's a story...
Expect a lot of variety, I'm afriad that's just how my music taste goes.

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Ray Charles - Hallelujah, I Love Her So

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'Runaway Baby' by Bruno Mars

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Ewert and the Two Dragons - Sailor Man

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In Your Atmosphere - John Mayer

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The J Band - Take Our Turn

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Peppy and George - Ludovic Bource

From The Artist soundtrack. Seems appropriate with all the Oscars they scooped last night. An amazing soundtrack, especially this song. I can picture them tap dancing as I listen to it. 

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The General // Dispatch

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At Last by Etta James

Walk Off The Earth - ‘Somebody I used to know’ (cover)

Incredible. You won’t fully appreciate this song until you see the video of it being recorded live. Amazing. 

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Little Pink House by The Czars